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MAGNOTHERM’s magnetic cooling tech cools with no compressor and no gas refrigerants, and represents the first major shift in cooling technology in nearly 200 years. Our systems reduce energy and operational costs.   

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The first magnetic cooler on the market, is an 80L beverage cooler that’s ready to rent or purchase. Once a prototype, POLARIS is ready for corporate events, a casual beer mixer, and everything in between. This beverage cooler shows the world that magnetocalorics is ready to challenge the current status quo of inefficient, unsustainable cooling. 

in development

Double door

With our in development Double Door Refrigerator, MAGNOTHERM is ready to make a larger splash in the commercial market. With a 1000L capacity and huge leaps in energy efficiency over traditional gas compressor systems, MAGNOTHERM’s Double Door is a no-fuss alternative to complicated systems, maintenance, and regulatory environments.  


Additional Applications

Our magnetocaloric technology has many additional applications. Talk to us if you wish to partner on applying magnetocalorics to any of these other areas.

Hydrogen Liquefaction
Heat Pumps
Server Cooling 
HVAC Systems 
and more 

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