We are an international team passionate about technology, sustainability, and cold beer.

Humanity is stuck in a catch-22: the warmer it gets, the more we need cooling. Yet the more we cool, the warmer it gets. 

Current gas-compression cooling accounts for 20% of global electricity consumption, and at least 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, likely more. Up to 460 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions will be emitted into the atmosphere by 2060 if we continue cooling without any changes. 

Enter MAGNOTHERM. We are a young, innovative company with world-leading expertise in permanent magnets and magnetic cooling. Our international team of over 40 staff is headquarted near Frankfurt, Germany in Darmstadt, and our product can be found on nearly every continent. As a deep tech company, we stand on the shoulders of decades of pioneering magnetocalorics research and harness it into building the cooling solution of the future. 

By developing and supplying a new magnetic cooling technology, we reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions by 100% and increase energy efficiency by up to 30%. 

what makes us different

The codes we live by

We believe in science, we believe in facts.

We believe in taking action to address the climate crisis. Data, truth, and the scientific method guides us in all we do.

We solve the unsolvable.

We question the status quo and aim to disrupt a nearly 200-year-old industry. We take nothing for granted and find our own way forward.

We fail fast to learn faster.

We celebrate mistakes as opportunities for growth. We prefer action over endless discussion and failing over perfectionism.

The best idea wins.

From intern to executive, every idea is heard. When things go wrong, we huddle to solve problems together.

Everyone has a superpower.

Each team member brings a valuable perspective and strength to the team. We challenge and inspire each other.

Our freedom comes with responsibility.

We own our personal success and value going outside of our job description to help a colleague.

get to know us

MAGNOTHERM is its Team

The leadership team

Timur Sirman

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr Maximilian Fries

Co-Founder & COO

Dimitri Benke

Co-Founder & CTO

Jeffrey Pickett

Co-Founder & CPO

Nadia von Oesterreich

Head of People and Culture

The team

get to know us

MAGNOTHERM is its Team

The leadership team

The team

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